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Dating round: in which are partners from the Netflix collection now?

Dating round: in which are partners from the Netflix collection now?

Catching up with Gurki, Luke, Sarah together with rest of the cast.

Simply once you planning your couldnt potentially suit another matchmaking tv series in the binge-watching timetable, along will come Netflixs basic and carefully addicting attempt in to the category.

a mix between supper Date, very first times together with Tinder episode of grasp of None, the impressively cinematic Dating all-around might pleasant, entertaining and periodically stunning visitors ever since its well-timed introduction on Valentines Day.

But rather frustratingly, the half-hour tv series which sees one nyc singleton embark on five different schedules before you choose ideal for an additional doesnt function any end-credits changes how each couple bring fared since.

Therefore weve finished some searching around of your very own to try to realized if any of this 2nd dates turned into a 3rd.

1. Luke and Victoria (event 1)

Good-looking realtor Luke ended up locking lips with so many of their times that the difficult to recall which he wound up deciding to discover once again.

In the long run, it actually was Victoria, the self-effacing self-described “masshole” (an a**hole from Massachusetts), that produced the most significant feeling on your. But theres small research to declare that the endearing pair are now actually products.

In an Instagram article from November 2018 (the tv series had been reportedly shot latest summer time), Victoria can be seen wrapping their hands around a smiley gentleman exactly who positively isnt Luke. But its not obvious whether it is a unique squeeze, a brother or a pal.

Theres no indication of Victoria on Lukes social media possibly. Nevertheless the couples comprise so charming collectively that hopefully theyre simply keeping shtum maintain readers speculating for somewhat longer. Continue reading

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