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Yellow-fever my buddy scrolls through the images of one on Twitter.

Yellow-fever my buddy scrolls through the images of one on Twitter.

The issue with fetishizing Asian girls

He’s white, resides in a mainly white district, and went along to a mainly white high-school. However in a lot of their pictures, he’s associated with Asian women.

“Yes, he’s yellow fever,” my friend verifies. No, maybe not the possibly deadly widespread hemorrhagic infection transmitted by infected mosquitoes, but alternatively a preference for Asian females. The word is most often ascribed to white boys which appear to only previously day Asian female.

Yellow-fever is actually a widespread trend. Relating to facts collected from online dating sites, all people except Asians would rather romantically realize Asian lady. In fact, there are many adult dating sites specifically designed for white males seeking big date Asian girls. You will find also a Tumblr web log that compiles emails from “creepy white dudes with Asian fetishes.” Yellow-fever has also been represented in Debbie Lum’s documentary, Pursuing Asian Female, which takes a close examine relations between white guys and Asian females.

Therefore the real question is perhaps not whether white boys judgemental for Asian ladies, but the reason why? Continue reading

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